Tribute to Mom

Perfection does not mean the exclusion of flaws

Just as Success does not mean always getting it right

Perfection means staying true to who you are

Success means staying optimistic in aid of perseverance

Which all combines to define strength

Then when you mold a woman with all these characters

She is defined as a strong woman

A mother

My mother

So thank you for staying true to you

For leaving footprints that I can never fill

But prints that I can use to guide myself

Happy Mother’s Day for all the years to come

Happy Birthdays for all the birthdays to come

And even Happy Heroes day for always being my HERO.



For all great women…mothers…daughters…females

Dawn Lindo


The wind almost went away with me

I stood by watching as small pieces got swept up and floated away

Almost frozen I stood there, subconsciously knowing something wasn’t right though

So I drifted…for a while

But now I have moved myself from where I stood

And I am taking back all of me that the wind drifted with

Someone almost ran away with all of my stuff…someone almost ran away with me”

…inspired by :For Colored Girls