Broken doll batteries

I am a doll that gives trouble sometimes

Sometimes I can’t make my mind up, so I end up delaying the menu if we are at dinner

or shopping because I just cannot decide what colour I like best

I burst into tears a lot, happy tears, sad tears, jealous tears and all the while this could stop in a minute

Because I get moody sometimes, i’d be bored to be in a particular mood sometimes

so my friends end up calling me crazy or miserable and maybe you will say I am both

But even though I give headaches sometimes, I can be a doll

I love honestly,

I care deeply

I live passionately

So even though I am a doll that gives heart aches sometimes

Will you still choose me?…over everything else ?

Time out

Knitting brows, forcing the limit of vocal chords to make angry music

Music of pain, fear, hurt

Sang in the presence of many but really only written for one

Singing angry music to you until you call for time out

It would be your punishment but my heart’s solution

Since I’m really singing angry music just so that I could get some time out with you.

—–Need you here bright eyes…my heart can’t take it

She (((((screams)))))

Running in circles in this chaotic world

Wanting to turn off the light switch and vanish in the dark

Turn the volume down and block out the cries of those who might be hurting more than you are

But who are you to belittle how I feel?

Trying to speak to the deaf

Showing signs to the blind

Funny thing is, it is not a maze

It is so simple you are thinking to forget the Queen’s language and say “what the f&%$K is so hard to understand?

Living in a world that feels like death

Let go and let love

Love may be too difficult simply because the process is so simple

To put one’s happiness ahead of yours and make a sacrifice with no benefit to yourself is to give in completely

This makes it difficult, because the truth is we will always hold on to a piece of ourselves in a selfish attempt to look out for our own well being

So how then can you say you have truly loved when all along you have kept a small piece of yourself?

Love is too simple, we fail because we overthink and when we overthink we have held back a piece of ourselves and when we hold back, we have failed to love

Fear’ tales

Wake up little girl! there are no kisses tonight

Go back for those glass slippers! before you know it, you will be walking around here in one foot of shoe

Kiss all the toads in the pond but you know very well no magic exists

Stop staring at the sky and wishing on satellites

There is no “the end” because there was never a “once upon a time’

Foolish girl, close the books and go grow up!