Looking for a quiet place in a crowded room

Pretending to be brave until it actually happens on its own


So that the pain might just believe it doesn’t exist

until it happens on its own

One day at a time, but its been a while so its a lot

This pain is static

Yet I try to fool everyone

At least I am doing something… I guess

Dear Reader

CaptureTo you its just a statistical data generated from some computer system

But for me,

It’s sharing my thoughts through my fingers and being told some persons took the time out to





or even disliked what I had to say

For that I am humbled

So a big thank you to all readers

Thanks for listening

A shoulder to cry on

I am hiding behind a smile

because my only other choice leads to breaking down

I am the shoulder that persons rest on, I have never been the one to cry


If I do, I cry behind the smile that is needed so that they can all get through their days

Even while my heart aches and my inner self screams from anger, fear, sadness, grief and disappointment-

I’ll behind a smile,

because loving you means being a shoulder

And a shoulder has no time to cry



for Gerald in tribute to the loss of his father on 29/07/14 at 3:30am

and for everyone who has lost a loved one I share your sadness.

I wish I had a magic wand

Things within my control I can handle

I can adjust

I can change

I can prevent

I can provide solutions

If it was entirely in my power, you would never know what sadness is…

But unfortunately sadness is one of those things outside of my control

So when you cry

When you look sad

and down

and feel hopeless

When I have to sit by and watch you break apart emotionally

A piece of me sheds with each tear you cry


Things within my control I can handle

To see you sad…I can’t …just can’t



For Gerald and his family…and everyone who has ever been asked to accept that you might lose someone you love


One spark sets the flame

Imagine being thrown out of your own home because of being yourself

Imagine losing your life just for being gay

Imagine being fired because you stated your opinion

Imagine suffering for some else’s mistakes

Imagine losing your life because of a war you are not a part of

Imagine that just one decision can change the outcome of everything

Imagine that it all starts with just one person…

How big is your brave?