Why I chose you

It’s something I’ve only been able to think about

How do I translate such complex emotions?

There is just an overwhelming feeling when I think of you

Like you open a window to my heart, to my soul, and we have become one

I am an emotional vampire, you kissed my mind and took hold of my every action

I will be the one to love you to the end of time

I will be your chamber of secrets

You are the produce from my prayers, crafted carefully by God’s hands

You fit into an oddly shaped space in the most vulnerable parts of me

A minute of silence between us is just too much

I chose you because there was never another option

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Don’t forget you

Don’t let anyone retrace the lines that shape you

You are beautiful just the way you are

Define perfection using your own name

There are secrets to your design that only you know

There are waves that travels through your mind that can never be truly translated to anyone

Reality is, no one will really fully understand you

But to the ones that come close enough, hold them dear to your heart

But never forget you

Watch me, make me happen!

I will not let you walk through my mind with your dirty feet!

You won’t corrupt my thoughts against my ideas!

I will not let you open windows in my head to let in dirty air

To stain the positives I have built my brain on

You will not ruin what I built

I am the only one allowed to stand in my way, and even I won’t let myself stop me!

Little black bird

Who told this little black bird that she couldn’t sing?

Her lyrics tell tales of a broken heart searching for a home

That to me is a tune we all can relate

So who told this little black bird she couldn’t sing?

Who told this little black bird she couldn’t fly?

Her wings were made to rise like a phoenix

From the ashes of pain, poverty and her past

That to me is a journey we all walk

So who told this little black bird she couldn’t fly?

Who told this little black bird she couldn’t?

This little black bird sings through poetry, she flies in her imagination, a journey with no limits

So who told this little black bird she couldn’t?

Because this little black bird lives.

…………………………………………….for all birds

All in

It’s not a one foot in, one foot out thing

I’m all in

The good times, we sure have some, but the bad ones too

Lord knows how many times I’ve wanted to slap, shout and run out on you

But reality is, it lasts for just some minutes, because I look at you and I see more than one reason to be happy

Something about you fills up the room even when it is empty

You make rainy times feel like a cloudy day and my whole heart crumbles if you are not happy

But I am all in, no holding back of emotions of jealousy or anger or silent treatments

I’ll toss my heart in with no regrets, doubts or back up plan

I am loving you with all of me, in me, about me, me

Because you are a part of me now, I run on your energy

Rose petals for Judith

I’ll scatter rose petals in the wind for you to find me

For in your very thoughts I live

I smile each day when your heart embraces me

and from your side I will never leave

I’ll scatter rose petals in your dreams for you to see me

Whisper my name and I’ll be there

For even in times when you thought I was missing

Right beside you, I was always here

For :Judith Allen in memory of her mother

Wake up!

Wake up!

I dare you!

I dare you to open your lungs and embrace the fresh air sparking a new day!

Spread your arms like an eagle taking flight

I dare you to scream out loud, regardless of who is listening because you know how truly blessed you are

I dare you, no double dare you-triple dare you to wake and accept LIFE!


If they choose to be rocks then become water

If they choose to be the sand in your eyes then become wind

If they choose to be defiant then become persistent

You can always choose resilience at a crossroad.



 1.the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity.”nylon is excellent in wearability, abrasion resistance and resilience”
  1. synonyms: flexibility, pliability, suppleness, plasticity, elasticity, springiness,spring, give; M

     2.the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.”the often remarkable resilience of so many British institutions