Marry you

It’s above the fancy dinner dates

-It is about you taking the time to make me my favourite meal

It’s not about taking me shopping

-It is waking up to someone who notices if I am wearing a smile or a frown

It’s not about the movie dates

-It is the way you make me feel like I’m living a movie-a fairytale

And it’s not about the ring

-It is walking down the aisle to the man I wish to have forever with…

It is about marrying you on Valentines Day


-For Ger

your flavour

What is your definition of love?

What makes you laugh?

What brings you peace-of-mind?


What floats your boat?

What do you define as beautiful? or sexy?

What you say versus what I say-

Because every dish can be named the same, but each will have it’s own flavor

That being said…why then do you compare your life to others?



Carry dem back!


google image

Mek unu so bare face and bright!

Di people dem cyah walk in piece?

All inna broad day light unu a come tief dem offa di streets?

Unu do all sorta foolishness fe tek weh people pickney-

Unu ole emotional vampire!

Wolves in sheep clothing unu disguise unu self as employa

Bout opportunities for employment!

Unu wicked nuh brute! Preying pan poor people jus to sodomize our youths!

No conscience unu nuh have! –

Wukkin dem out, prostituting dem out, selling us like we a jus another item pan a shop shelf

Wen u ago look inna dem eyes an see a reflection of yuhself? Eeh?

See say we a human like you! Have a home jus like you!

Who is you fi come modernize slavery an tek we against we will?

I not sure what worst- being raped, abused or being killed

Unu ole murderer! Vampire! Ole wicked brute

Who is you fe come traffic we youth!

But I leave the Child Development Agency to yuh!

A leave the Government to yuh!

A leave the Women’s rights to yuh!

A leave the Police dem to yuh!

A leave the tears and the screams of every mourning and weeping loved one to yuh!

A leave the wrath of God to yuh!

Ole wicked!

Ole murderer!

Ole rapist!

Ole tief!

Carry dem back! Me say fe carry dem back!

Carry dem back and Stop!!!

Some time



I want to fight until the end

Break the rules and change the order

Take the risks and let them see differently.


The fight is frustrating-

Makes you want to find a dark hole and bury your challenges,

Run-as far as you can dream.

Sometimes…is just that-

It never last forever, let it last for some time and then keep moving.

Missing treasure

It’s a familiar feeling what you do to me,

I have felt this before-

Many times,

The lump in my throat, tears gathering behind my eyes

while I lie to the world and fake my smiles.

It’s almost a routine to me now.

After all the shimmer, at the end of the quest, it was only a fool’s gold.



Lost your mind

Sometimes I wonder if you wonder about me

or am I drifting in the back of your mind like the other useless thoughts?

Am I easily forgotten or have I stained a place next to your priorities?

But then again, I have answered my own questions…

I mean if you wondered about me, would I be here wondering if you wonder about me?alone-beach-bear-beautiful-cute-just-wondering-favim-com-70436_large

Pop’ in 2016!


Pop that bottle open!

Drink to:

The friends and family you lost in 2015-we drink because their memory travels with us in the new year and beyond

The mistakes you made-we drink because we now know what NOT to do in the new year

The relationships that ended or changed-we drink because we now know some of our foes vs. friends for the new year

Cheers to!

A new year-you made it, God has spared you

New chances-who knows what will or can happen

New opportunities-take risks, live in those moments

New perspectives-whatever your thoughts are, they can’t be the same as they were before

Just in case I am too drunk to say it at midnight tonight…Happy new year!



Happy Holidays!

simplified-christmas-tree-wallpaper-backgroundFeel the Christmas breeze, watch the pepper lights!

Count the white washed stones and the houses painted bright-

Colours overflowing, people in their “Sunday best”

Sound systems all over, every corner hosting a Christmas fest!

Smell the sorrel, cut the cake and drink up the fine wine..

Tell the stories, share the jokes, smaddy must drunk by midnight!

Share a coin, spare a meal, lend a helping hand

Tis the season, a special season to share love across the land

Let the lovers stand under the mistletoe- just to share a kiss

Let the kids write to send Santa their long Christmas list.

Whatever your story is, whatever Christmas means to you

I wish you a merry one! may your dreams and wishes come true

Happy Holidays from our home to yours!


From the Blake, Morant, Lindo & Haughton family, happy holidays & all the best for the new year!





Silver bells

silverbellsclusterblogMaybe wishes really do come true

Maybe someone is really watching from above

Maybe there is meaning in all that way we do

Maybe there is still hope for love

Just don’t stop believing even when it gets rough

Because even if a little faith is all we have, sometimes that is enough

May you have joy this season

and the days after that

To the challenges ahead I say…

Cheers! eat cake and get fat!


Worrying, sweating, pacing..biting my nails away

getting flustered, almost shaking, wondering if you will be home today

Praying, muttering, imagining, talking to myself

I need this, need this more than anything else