Lead the pack

Sometimes you don’t get to be the one to call for help

You are the HELP

It gets tiring because even sometimes you would want to be held by superman too

BUT when you are SUPERMAN

You don’t get to run…

You just have to push through it, fight through it, get up off the ground and LEAD THE PACK!

Love Goes Beyond Titles (LGBT)

Don’t label me please because I go beyond your narrow minded definitions

I love just as deeply as you do

I bleed the very colour you do

So I will NOT be labelled.

Don’t label me please because I have just as much rights as you do

I should not be conformed to a box you try to force me in because of your insecurities

I hurt just as much as you do, with a beating heart that can be transplanted in you should you need me one day…

So I will NOT be labelled.

Don’t label me please, because of all the names you call me, I am first and foremost human…

I am ME

Finding me…

I would like to take the time to introduce myself to myself

Show myself the strengths and confidence that exists

Reveal all the secrets, fears and doubts and begin to tell the truth to myself

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And even as I throw all these skeletons out…I look forward to learning other things myself forgot to mention when I was introducing myself to myself….

Girl meets boy…

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Once upon a time a girl met a boy-

He taught her trust, happiness and friendship

She taught him love, fun and adventure

Their story didn’t make it to a romance novel but it did make for a good comic

They were two chapters into the book of life.

A girl met a boy… a good boy, who grew into a man

Sad to say she now writes her story with sadness in her heart

Because that man died….

But the story of girl meeting boy…will not be forgotten

For the Benjamin family in memory of Dwaine Benjamin

aka Kenchy

A song called…

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Thoughts of you flow through my mind like classical music…

WAVES of emotions trickling …teasing my senses

AROUSED by flashes of your eyes, the way you smile

I’d touch you and make beautiful music

You make love to my mind when I see your face…I squirt fantasies of passion with you

The distance is unbearable but close enough to not drive me crazy…yet

This song is endless, the chorus is contagious…

this song..is a bed time song…

daylight song…

this song… is called kate


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Tell me about your pain…not having a million dollar car while many roam the streets hungry and homeless

Tell me about your sadness…not getting to make that vacation trip while so many are robbed and killed

Tell me about your insecurities…not having long straight hair while someone died yesterday for being BLACK

Someone got robbed for being rich

Someone got beaten for being white

Someone got abused for being a woman

Someone got punished for being poor

Tell me about your desire to end your life because you can’t seem to find a reason for living

While someone searches for a miracle for their terminal illness because they just want one more day ALIVE

Tell me about your SELFISHNESS!

The next step

Love yourself enough to be happy with what you have

Be confident enough to know you can earn what you need

Trust yourself to make the right decisions

Stop doubting yourself by looking in the past…

Reward yourself by embracing the future

….and never forget to love the people you come in contact with on your journey

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-If you happen to find an extra special someone who you love really intensely…don’t hold it from them, do not be scared to share your adventure with them…just take that person with you and love even more as you go…

For: Gerald & Crystal 

Another time

Maybe you need some time to shed your tears

Nothing is wrong with that…

Shed your skin and take a moment to let the nerve endings tremble at your reality if you must…

Take the time to dwell in it…accept it…face the harshness of whatever it is..

But just remember you are on a time frame because soaking and dwelling means nothing

Take the time to be a baby about it, but after all that, you still need to get over it, fix it and move on!

For Gerald: Hand me your heart…

If I had a penny for every time I thought of you…

I am jealous of everyone who is with you, when I am not with you

I watch you while you sleep and think how much God must love me to let me have you

I love you inside out of my being…I am compelled by your eyes

I feel like you have an unbreakable contract with my heart

Why can’t you just shut up and let me continue to love you? Just shut up and trust that we will be ok.

For Gerald: 


Sometimes I get lost…

In my own thoughts…

In my fears…

In my dreams…

In my happiness…

I sometimes take a step forward and then realize I am at the same place tomorrow-

Because my body moved, but not my mind

I’ve come to realize my mind has a lot of unresolved issues…

Until then, I’ll forever be…lost