Different directions

We traveled a few miles together, I recall seeing you at the last crossroad

But somehow, you took a turn, or I took a turn, maybe we took a turn? Separate turns…

All I know is, when we started this journey I saw the destination clearly…

But now, I think we got lost because somehow we got on two different directions

The question is..how do we find each other?


Sometimes it’s not even in the words he speaks, no, it’s in his fingertips, have you ever been touched so good that you feel at home in his arms?
Beads of perspiration trickling as he arouses your nerve endings…
He creeps from behind and whispers in your ears…words you would never want your mom to hear because she needs to feel like you are still a “good little angel”
But he broke your wings a long time ago, hell, he has broken a lot of things you use to have…
He is your weak fence, he knows the corners you try to keep a secret, he is so bad for you that it feels so good
He is toxic! but his poison is the sweetest way to die
I’m addicted to his bad influences

—haha I have this bad habit of thinking out loud


Her flame lights the seas, she guides lonely hearts home

She stands there, alone, in the dark as a muse for you

Every pain she feels is not her first time, but she repeats these harsh realities for you

She knows how it feels to be lonely, what it means to be ignored and heart broken but she risks it all to learn how to love you

Even in the roughest weather, she stands there still, cold and battered, guiding you home with her flame

She is your light house…even though she knows that on your good days, your brighter days, when you no longer need her, you will overlook her-

She stands here still, in the middle of the seas, waiting until you need her light again

What my eyes can’t see

It would tear me apart for a while, not sure how long but for sure it would have an impact

Maybe some days will bring heavy tears and when I pass places where we made memories I’d feel the blues

Maybe one day, I will weirdly feel like I made a mistake and be tempted to change my mind

Maybe it just won’t be as easy as those songs make it out to be

Maybe I would never ever really stop loving you


I will remember why I had to do it…and after a long wait, maybe I would find the person who you were training me all this time to truly love…

The Mysterious Girl

Her heart has been her biggest diary

Such emotions she feels no one will understand

She is complicated to many and crazy to the ones who tries to define her

But that is what people do when they can’t understand and she understands that

They know her name but not her heart and that is how it ought to be because such emotions no one will understand

So it is best she keeps her secret
keeps her heart….

After all, people never quite understood how to treat hearts

They somehow end up breaking it every time…and she knows this feeling all too well.

Wah you know bout pressure?

Wah you know bout presha?

White squall tek ova yuh mouth like toothpaste

Fe get a likkle wuk come een’ like a rat race

Wah you know bout presha? Up inna yuh resorts an’ hotel suites

Wah you know bout walkin in d one shoes n watch it bruk off likkle likkle, piece by piece?

Yuh eva affe carry wata yet? wrap piece a claat pan yuh head fe rest di bucket pan?

Yuh eva affe use di hardcover book ova di coal stove an’ fan?

Gas, light, wata is precious sumin

Nuff a we cyah afford none!

Wah you know bout climbing mango tree fe dinner an’ people dog a run we dung

Wah you know presha?

Fe stand up an’ look inna yuh pickney dem eye fe an’ hear dem tell yuh say dem hungry

Yuh think a dat hot? Mek yuh know inna heart yuh nuh have nuttin fe gi dem!

Dis a di cycle fe smaddy weh poor, not less fortunate…me mean poor!

Poor mean me nuh have it!… it nuh mean we nuh have enough..it mean di pot empty!

Cupboard have cobweb!

Don’t come pretend like yuh know bout presha! Jus’ because yuh need me fe pretty up me finga wid INK

Wah yuh know bout presha! Wah yuh know bout me!

Mine yuh bruk yuh foot! How yuh fe wear heels come a bush?

Me cyah lift yuh up so yuh try nobadda drop cause from bout 3 years me a suffa wid a bad back

Take sumin for it? Me tell yuh say me cyah feed me pickney dem an’ me fe tek money spend p-an me back?

Me nuh lucky like unu enuh fe “find money” me still a search fe dat deh tree

Me yet fe find smaddy up inna di great house weh look like me…

Not di colour…but me STORY

Cause only den can unu really help poor people

When unu really undastan bout presha!

Our journey

With pieces of me wrapped around your fingers I can feel your pain

I might never have the right words to say

But I am want to be your reason to go on

I can never take away the memories of the persons you have lost, and I don’t want to

But I want to be the one who gives you a reason to smile

I don’t want you to stop living because you are sad,

You miss them yes, and you always will-

Everyday won’t be easy-

But at least when you take on each day, I will be right next to you

One day at a time, that is all I ask

For Ger and to all thinking you have lost too much