Cheers to life!

STAND for something that is good

Be able to look each other in the eyes be honest

Love a lot, let it consume you

Be happy, find reasons just to smile

Stop trying to hurt each other, there is no gain from it

TAKE the high road, because no one wants to hate the person we see in the MIRROR

Peace is easier than you think…

Just shut up and LIVE GOOD!

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Dear Ms. Henry

Dear Ms. Henry,

For you I will REMEMBER how you laughed, in classes and in your office

Those jokes you told without us noticing that you were inserting a life long lesson

I will REMEMBER how you LISTENED and not just listened because you CARED

I will REMEMBER you as being more than just a lecturer,


You were a  FRIEND

I will REMEMBER talking to you on facebook because you just wanted to catch up on how i was doing even though i left college over a year ago

I would wish on a shooting star to have one more day with you again…

Just enough time to tell you THANK YOU, I don’t think I ever really said it and for you touch my life like I was the first student you got close to is POWERFUL because somehow with all the craziness in your own life, you found time to make SO MANY STUDENTS feel just the same

For you Ms. Charmaine Henry…I WILL always REMEMBER YOU.

Charmaine Henry

Charmaine Henry

Tribute to Charmaine Henry who passed away on Monday, July 27, 2015

“You cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness”


So I just had to share this post from JustHitchedNowWhat talk about telling it like it is! Guys you need to read this for every couple whether dating, engaged or married..hell even if you are single because this post could be what you need to get out there and try again!

Originally posted on justhitchednowwhat:

Our wedding day. Three years ago! Our wedding day. Three years ago!

“Babe, it’s three years that we married enuh!”

“Ugh! All of three years?!”  He uses an imaginary knife to slit his throat.

“Well you do realize that you are married to Popcorn, the same Popcorn from UWI (University of the West Indies) campus, who lived on Taylor Hall, Block F?” That reminder always gets him.

For those of you who don’t know, my husband and I knew each other from college, but we were NOT a couple then. Though this story may differ depends on who tells it. In my husband’s delusional mind, I always wanted him and it was only a matter of time (almost five years later) before I’d chase him down. In my rational mind, not only did I not chase him, I would not have been caught dead being his wife.

“No! Don’t say that!”  He continues to feign his death.

“So how long…

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Hidden pieces

Covering the marks made by the cravings

Trying to let go

Urging to hold on

Missing the pieces

Trying to accept that it is wrong

Feeling trapped in between worlds

Fighting your own thoughts everyday

Listening to them say it’s wrong to feel this way

Craving a piece of you

A piece of you that you don’t understand

Being brave sometimes but not enough

Confusing bravery with rebelling

It’s an ongoing fight…

My box of CRAYONS

A box of crayons so I can colour the world as I see it

Maybe I will colour the trees purple instead of green,

The sky pink instead of blue-

For the life of me I think water should have a colour…mmm maybe aqua?

I wonder if God had a box of crayons when he painted this world?

Looking back would he have coloured me BLACK? if he knew colouring you WHITE would cause a war?

What about the LATINOS? what colour would he have used if he knew all the conflicts and disunity it would cause

Or maybe he saw it the way I do…seeing a box of crayons and thinking how BEAUTIFUL they look TOGETHER…

RED, BLACK, WHITE, PURPLE, PINK, GREEN, then we mix them and made a COLOUR WHEEL

If we can see the RAINBOW as beautiful with all its colours…why then do we have RACISM?

for the life of me…I just love my box of CRAYONS!

Trigger finger

Words of anger being thrown on RIPPED paper

with Sharpened points to PIERCE a pure white slate-

they are SPLASHED across the pages like the remains from a mighty SWORD.

Exhaling through my palms what you are too DEAF to HEAR.

SCREAMING from my thoughts; the SILENCE is deafening.

Writing ANGER through my trigger FINGERS

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Since everyone is too busy to listen…

Lipstick paw stains

lipsStaining my thoughts

As close to me as my face powder

You are my favourite make-up

The best flavour on my lips

lion paw 2

Making trails of memory 

My days are riding on flashbacks of you

Hints of last night left on me somewhere

You are my paw print

Design this canvas with lipstick paw stains for a 1000 years

for: Gerald #Happy6th

Lead the pack

Sometimes you don’t get to be the one to call for help

You are the HELP

It gets tiring because even sometimes you would want to be held by superman too

BUT when you are SUPERMAN

You don’t get to run…

You just have to push through it, fight through it, get up off the ground and LEAD THE PACK!