Colors of Life -Novel

I am relaxed by the soothing music of the birds, they sing in unison as though I’ve been chosen as their audience.  Their varying colours brighten not only the fruit trees but somehow my heart.  Surrounded by the fruit trees and flower buds of spring…I glance at the rainbow complimented by the warm sunshine …I lay en-wrapped by the ripples of the river, as I float I stare at the clouds trying to figure out the most odd shapes God had created; it is just me, alone with nature, alone from pain, I feed only happiness here; I am at peace here, I am home here.

“Yuh nah get up? …wake up!”

“Mummy just five more minutes, please”

“No, get up, yuh late fe school an a yuh fuss day”

“Mmmm… cho man”

I am faced with the harsh realities of life again, there are no birds here only the piercing sounds of obscenities, vulgarity, violence, there is no unison, and there is only chaos; Thoughts of suicide, hate, and unhappiness.  Awakening means living here, living here means dying.  Normally one speaks of home, they call it something, label it somewhere with an address, a number, a lot, some description of parish or country.  I have heard the varying descriptions of home… I tend to ask “How long does it take you to live somewhere in order to call it home?”… I guess I lived many places but I have yet to find home.

I’ve heard that through an education you can escape poverty, become independent, be your own boss, I haven’t questioned it much, I am in a position to take anything as long as it means an escape. (Crystal Blake)


This is an excerpt from my novel-“Colours of Life” it documents the experiences of a little girl on her growth to something great. Like a Potter creating beautiful vases from clay…so too can a star rise from the earth. I see myself as a metamorphic Phoenix, above all obstacles we can rise.  I hope you enjoy my novel in its entirety soon and I hope too that it becomes a success story for you and yours. 


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