Do the math

Does it ever break even?

It never splits in half…there is always the chance of three quarters falling over one side
Don’t say look at the glass half full when you know there is a chance you didn’t even measure it right,

It’s not like you were good at math anyway…you never did know how to count how many persons starts a relationship,

You see i thought two, what did you get for your answer? three?

Still waiting for the final scores since everyone has a different answer, I don’t even know who set that paper
Now i can’t sleep

I am barely hanging on

Trying to study for my finals, trying just to pass this test i have been taking for so many years

I can’t resit this again, I am losing too much

My friends seem to get it, i am behind in my class

But you won’t get to see these tears I cry

I don’t cry on the outside anymore
It never breaks even

What is the probability that i will be holding three quarters on my side?

I poured too much in that glass, so you see it half full

It was never half… Now anything that looks like love stinks

But i heard love’s a b**** …. and a b@** aint shit

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