I just had a flashback

A part of me wishes it was deja-vu

Here I  was trying to flirt with a part of you

Something about you pulled me back…

was it that kiss you gave me? or the silly nick names we made

was it how we made love and I called your name?
How could it be easy for you to say that ‘L’ word to someone who doesn’t even look like me?

Was i that easy to forget?

Am i worthy of finding someone else the way you did?

Or will I spend another couple mins refreshing this page to check if you commented on this poem?

Will i always wake to check my mentions if you thought of me lastnight?

Will i forever check your time line for a subtweet?

While you say the ‘L’ word to your future…

will i still be here having flashbacks of your past?
((Rawwrr))-Simba 😦

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