Let me show him…

Does he do it?… like I do it?

 No baby, not the downloaded movies on “FasspassTV”

I am talking about the movie date at Carib, up in the box section. No walking my queen,

if you want popcorn I want to be the one serving any kind of “pop” in your life..

 Watching that movie that makes you say “awwww” with little tear drops down your face.

I look at you and smile and you cover your face because you feel a little embarrassed…

so I kiss your cheeks and mark this night down as one of my top tens.

 That walk in the park holding your hands like kids do,I help you to  look for a star to wish on.

I don’t need to wish baby,  there is no way I could possibly want something else right now…

well maybe 24hrs of this night…but why be selfish when I can start tomorrow with you.


Does he do it ….like I do it?

Making silly faces just to make you smile, kiss you in public because there is no hiding this treasure I’ve got.

Making you my personal page …writing on your walls only, commenting on your attributes,

liking your status as my beautiful, independent queen.

You are my play list, a sound track with multiple sounds as you hop on it, wine on it… take it…all in…

Tasting the flavours- like I am tasting the rainbow… maybe I should call you skittles.

 Does he do it …like i do it?

Baby…can he love you like I do?


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