Its weird how he cries when mom shouts at him
But he shouts at me
He gets confused when mom asks too much, he cries to be himself
But he gets mad..when i am quiet, he is annoyed that he cant read me
Mom gets to him whenever he wants to just be happy…
Mom doesnt understand that he himself doesnt know who he is… for now he thinks he’s different
So gets mad….mad that mom expects too much..mad that mom asks him to be someone he is not
But yet he gets mad at me too, he expects so much of me,
he gets mad that i am quiet, he gets mad

But did he stop to think that i too dont know who i am
That i too ask if i am weird or if i can fit in
Mom gets him mad…but he gets mad at me
In his world I am like mom…..
but in my eyes he is like mom….
Maybe thats it….we makeeach other mad because we think we are alone
We think we are not the same….we see mom in each others eyes


3 thoughts on “Mom…??

  1. I agree mother nature is a bitch….ps …this was nt predictable I did nt see d ending of this…I like …tricky thing u…u got me cant wait to knw wat u talking abt to find out why mom expect so much…leave d readers questioning mi lioke it.


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