The love letter

Dear Cupid,

You lied, love was never as good as you made it seem, That arrow you shot me with was loaded with bullets. No it didn’t give me eternal love, rather wounds that my doctor cant seem to find the cure for, a terminal illness that eats me away everyday, Maybe by the time you receive this letter I will be ‘dead’.

Dear Santa,

They cant seem to find a heart to replace the one i tore, you see cupid lied to me, he made me trade my emotions for an experience of tears, i live my life through dreams and keep missing what life has to offer no matter how early i wake. All my life you never visited my home, I assumed its because i didn’t have chimney, i’m now 20 but im trying to work on it. But should December come and you cant find my chimney could you bring my fresh pack of heart at the nearest post office convenient to you.

Dear Future Boyfriend,

Your taking too long, you leave me with no clues, no idea of what you look like, so i give all these dream takers a chance trying to eliminate my way to you. But I am tired, they look at me with hungry eyes as i stumble along the broken pavements.

Dear Love,

I hate you.

Yours truly,


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