I wish I had the admin settings for time




I wish I could go back to loving you 

Maybe our fights weren’t that bad

Maybe we didn’t have to argue that much 

Maybe we could have held on to it

Maybe you should be my last first kiss

I would trade this quiet room for a loud outburst from you 

I would trade this movie to watch you get me upset again 

I would trade this music video to kiss you myself

I would trade these dreams to fulfill a fantasy with you 

If you would just allow me to annoy you one more time

To piss you off just for couple more seconds

To get you frustrated so much….so that I can lead us into an amazing hang-over make-up sex

Let me have five more minutes of tipsy with you 

One more minute of foolishness

One more season of Vampire Diaries

Because it took us leaving for me to see how much I truly love you 

Let us undo the hurt and re-do this foolishness we called love just for one more minute of forever….

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