Where are you?

Right now you are probably staring in the eyes of another brown eyed girl, making her have butterflies in her stomach
Right now you are probably telling her my favourite line, watching the light hit her teeth while she smiles
Right now your probably holding her hands, giving her my comfort, the closer you get to her-the colder i get
Right now your probably falling for her, within your heart I am being pushed aside
Right now she’s probably thinking to open her legs wide
Right now your probably thinking to delve in, into her mind, her soul, walk between the warmth of her legs
Right now you’ve probably forgotten that her left thigh doesn’t have a black inked tattoo which identifies mine
Right now as I am missing you, You’ve probably entered another woman’s life
My name has not entered your mind, nor lastnight in your dreams

Right now..as I write, You’ve probably forgotten to remember me



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