Removing anything that might prevent me from seeing it, touching it, I don’t want to imagine what if, what it would be like, what it might look like, feel like, taste like

Take it off…everything, shed yourself in your cocoon and evolve in something else that I want to indulge in. I want you Naked… I want to unleash my thoughts with no limitations, no boundaries and don’t you dare ever tell me to stop.

Take… it…. off
Don’t let me ask you again
This is as nice as I will ever get

Yes… that is more like it. that adrenaline…that sound of your heart beating in harmony with my pulse racing as the curtains are drawn
I just want this more than anything interruptions no conversations..there is no room to doubt that you want this just as much as I do

Love me without guilt..let this be your biggest risk
Unleash it on me, no regrets…shed yourself of anything that might hold you back
Love me like your emotionally naked.

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