Benchmark my Heart

What do I need to do to be loved by you?

Is there something she said that I didn’t say? Or is it that I said it too late?

I just want her spot, I saw it first, it’s unfair to sit here pretending I am ok when I know no matter how good our night was she is the one you are going home to

I sit here watching you update your status and wonder if I might be the one you are talking about

Stupid of me…how could it ever be, she has my spot.

From that spot I no longer have to imagine what it will be like to touch you not a hug I am not your classmate

I mean..touch you feeling your soft velvet skin with my finger tips, staring into your soul and manipulating the traits of your innocence.

From that spot I can be the source of your happiness, your best friend.

Lets play a game, how many beats does my heart make per minute when I hear your voice?

I’ll kiss you as many times as the answer…

But she is in my spot… I feel like there is a cloud covering my sun and all I have is bleak

I don’t know how long she will be there, but I am waiting

While she loves you wrong…says your name wrong…she calls you at the wrong times

I am waiting…in my love your heart will find a place to call home

I want my spot…..



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