Missing the stop sign

Why give this poem a title when I have no idea what it is about, I sit here looking at a blank page waiting for words to flow like it is suppose to be that easy, waiting for my muse, some purpose to arrive at a full stop to indicate that I have indeed completed a stanza of substance, but all I can do is blabber on and on about how blank I am right now or maybe I just cant seem to focus, something is preventing me from arriving at that full stop; by the way have I even started writing this poem yet? Relying on a feeling to describe wont help this time because a part of me is feeling lonely even though I can hardly think with the loud noise coming from my hall way which obviously means I am not the only one home, then why is it that I feel this house so empty? Why is it at 12:57 am I am not wrapped in the blanket of the arms of the one I love or surrounded by a presence or a sense of belong, what am I searching for at 12:58 am? Wait it took me one minute to reach from that sentence to the other one? and I still haven’t started the poem yet? Now I have wasted an entire page blabbering about my search for something, it is now 12:59 am and I am still on this? Where is my sense of peace, something is missing ….

It’s 1 am ..I will try again tomorrow maybe


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