In my world you are everything I want …your smile is kryptonite You make me weak just by looking at me…

I am relaxed by the comfort of your voice like a programmed robot with your voice command

In my world I walk on air…your air since I live to watch you breathe…the pain I am willing bare to make you happy,

They call my love “stalking” but in my world it is just like a bird and her young, I am protective of you, I feel compelled to remove the boundaries of any possibility that may bring you sadness

I am compelled to love you…a sire bond

My dreams are stolen by the images of your face and the ecstasy from my crave or wanting you…wanting to have my way with you. Call it kinky but I simply want to exploit the very strand of hair on your body and make a mark that this is my territory

You make me cruel…You make me want to break the rules of nature and law to confine you to a space that I alone have access to …I have no desire to share you with the world, I don’t play with my food In some parts of the dictionary they define this as obsession…well if that’s what they call it Then no i don’t love you ..I am obsessed …I am sired ….You are my kryptonite


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