“Basic Black”

From a BLACK womb, came a BLACK gem with black pearly eyes

Through these eyes I see my brothers and sisters wrapped in black silk velvet skins, when the sun hits just right these gems shine…

But from the odda day nuh baddi nuh fava..di only ting BLACK is di level a dawkness weh some  we have

black is di 24 inch horse hair weh deh pan sum a we head

black a di placards an tire weh bun inna di middle  di road because all wen we ketch di biigest criminals, my so called sisters shall “black it”

Nuttin aroun me dan a rainbow pan a dry sunny day – dem blue, red, purple, like smaddy decide fe draw di colour wheel

Not to mention when di sun hit dat an it look like di skin start fe peel


Me jus cah undastan wah so wrong wid just being BLACK …

BLACK is the vision of a blind man

BLACK is the sky without moon or stars

BLACK is the man who fought for his rights but was placed behind bars

BLACK the tears my mother, her mother, her mother mother cried’

So dat you can upload that video on youtube walking around looking like a colour wheel you damn fool


BLACK..is me

BLACK are the pages of my history

They were..

They are…



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