No February 14th

They said I skipped a day, that I moved from my last post on the 13th and made one the 15th, but I had no 14th so what was I to write?

Should I have said it was another year when I didn’t wear red? Another year when I heard love songs and thought what did I do wrong?

No maybe I should have written about my search that obviously wasn’t completed in time for the 14th

I had no post to make, instead I sat watching love birds make melodies to a tune I couldn’t understand

It looked beautiful but my ears were sad, my eyes went blurry from water droplets … No it wasn’t raining

I wore black in honour of the pain my heart bore on its journey to 2013, it has been another year that we commemorate the 14th as a missing day

Maybe I should have written something yesterday…but there is no need to be dark on a day that asks for love

So i’ll use the 15th and apologize to 14 for ignoring it, but you owe me an apology 14th, again you have managed to make me feel unaccomplished, saddened as I listen to tunes sung by love birds whose lyrics  I still don’t understand.


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