Calla lily

Such purities are only seen with a rare eye

Origin known but not defined …

It’s rather a melting pot,

Clay molded with the hands of unique art

To create what we try to define with our own words

What ‘I” try to define…

So I say …

You are beautiful, growing in any soil because you are that strong

You are not confined to any one space, No you are a free lanced

Used to compliment the occasion of happiness

To add colour to the scene


 South Africa, preserving that culture our ancestors wrote with the ink of tears

Whenever I see you…that is what I see…

No one thing Calla lily, instead I see the possibilities that I may unfold a novel of multiple narratives


Your story might not be mine to read

For like art… this Calla lily might be in garden of someone else

Should I trespass on the Garden of Eden… would I commit the crime of stealing?

But calla lily the temptation is heavy

 And as I see your petal glow in the sunset I can’t help but feel this flower is indeed mine to steal.

Calla lily

 Inspired by a crush I once had ….


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