‘Mona Lisa’

Mona Lisa

Dear Diary,

They don’t like the way I look at you (seductively, longingly, thirstily)

Running from the almost inevitable because mom might not approve, but Mona Lisa I love you

I think of you while I watch re-runs of “Kyss Mig”  and think to be substitute actors

These dreams I edit from my bio and dare not share in “about me” but the flames ignite as I am tempted everyday to shout it from the top of a mountain.

They’d rather I have gentlemen callers, it is what is expected

but i’d rather be with Mona Lisa… Does loving you make me condemned?

Why is the one thing I love so much feels so wrong and so good, I taste the forbidden fruit and feel compelled to live in this Eden:

If it means I’ll have my Mona Lisa

Dear Diary can you keep a secret? only you can know this, only you will understand the things I am afraid to let mom know

Dear Mona Lisa,

No other woman loves you as much as I do...


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