From a distance…

Every day for the past couple weeks it’s been about him

Not knowing what to say or do when he’s on the phone with me

Wondering what his impression would be if he knew…

Knew that I breathe his smile…

Knew that I live on the hope of hearing his voice

That I love that the semester is so complicated… because now I have—

A reason- a reason to hear him, a sure topic to talk about

Am I scared? No … I am terrified…

For all I can do is imagine that he signs a contract of his heart to me

That each time he smiles it’s not out of charisma but because he feels the same

That one day he will ask me to be his and his only and I’d bear that name

For he’s my saint…my imaginable knight who makes first everything not so bad by simply being in it

I thirst for not only his response to my questions but to drink from the fountain of his lips

I am his and his only…and he? My Saint

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