“An adaptation of William Wordsworth’s poems

“Wordsworth’s Women Now 21st Century”

Your “Solitary Reaper”;

She sings alone, you must embrace her,

So young with a melody-a Nightingale chants no better

She’s hardworking-cutting and binding grains, with tunes representing Her loss or pain.

Be quiet!-or stop to listen the overflow of her sound

Miles you may walk and still hear her melody on the ground.


Her music is so compelling,

But I’m ignorant about its meaning,

Tell me Composers, if familiar with this tune?-

I crave to relate to her words, I beg you let it be soon!


But still whatever it is she sang,

As though it never had an ending;

Whatever journey I travel,

In my heart she’s forever singing.


Oh William!-where are you to offer meaning to these girls?

Who have forgotten the “Solitary Reaper” and engage in slackness in the world.

They no longer sing- they only listen to their “beats’

Defining their bodies outrageously as though they’re pieces of meat

Oh William-only you can teach them some esteem

Tell them they are not objects but are princesses and queens

William where are you?!-to tell them of (her) “Lucy”, “she (that) dwelt among untrodden ways”

So they may live and die with reputations of a virgin or to you a maid


But no William, you left them vulnerable to the vulgarity of today!

And now your ladies have surely lost their way

Their songs only degrade them and bring shame to them that hear-

Defining their bodies like materials-

in only settings that they are bare.

They internalize, exposing parts below the head; above the feet

William! Can you believe your “Reaper” now Bleach

You would be ashamed to stop if you should ever pass

To see “Lucy” who has lost all esteem and all class.

That “fits of passion you found strange”:

When in your bed you lay

That fantasy of your own

You would wish come true in today


You would turn away the horse that carries you to see her

You would never use nature to ever compare

For she is no longer the “Lucy” that you dearly knew

She is different, vulgar, she betrayed you


All that time when you see the absence of the moon;

You would jump for the thought it offers you

That she is dead!

That girl who becomes a stranger

Must die and return in order to be better


Wordsworth, they have changed all too much

They are no longer ladies and hence, is treated as such

I pray in times that I was in your time

For no “Reaper” is here, no “Lucy” is in mine.


Little background to note: One of my favorite poets from the classical times 🙂

 William Wordsworth an English Romantic Poet of the 18th century is one of the forerunners of this artistic and       intellectual movement.
Romanticism originated in Europe as a reaction against the stylistic and formal features of Neo-Classicism.The names of the original poems from Wordsworth used for my adaptation from are:

  • Solitary Reaper
  • She dwelt among untrodden ways
  • Strange fits of passion have I Known



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