Your Are An Achiever

Life is a process

A step or stage

Not every time you have bright days

It requires patience until the moment

Of truth

You begin at the root until the day

You reap fruit

To be planted you must first pick

Your spot

A wise farmer chooses correctly to

Ensure the plant doesn’t rot

You I know have chosen where you

Want to be

With the heart you posses you reap


You will have gloomy seasons or a lot

Of stress

But stay focused for the day which you’ll


You are strong filled with compassion and a

Pure heart of a boy who has began

To show the maturity and character

Of a wise but humble man!

You are whatever and whomever you

Wish to be

The more they fight against you

The more blessings you will receive

Do not mourn or cry when being challenged

Just pray!

For around the next corner over the next

Hurdle is a brighter day!

Never doubt that for you someone is there

One whom is God forever cares

I am always here which makes it two

Others can be counted but the most valuable

Is you..


Should respect yourself first of all


Will succeed and at the end stand tall


Will be recognized as an achiever

An example of success for all dreamers


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