An Escape

I’m at a turning point in my life

Where so many decisions have to be made

And the worst thing is my answer will affect

So many lives

What am I to do?

What am I to say?

Which response is there to make all the pain go away?

I need some help but also I need to be done

I’m where I live but secretly I search for a home


It’s comfort and true love that I seek

A home where joy sweeps me off my feet

A home suitable to provide all needs of satisfaction

Homes where I can escape hurt and dive in relaxation


On earth that doesn’t exist

But in my imagination

It’s at the top of my list


4 thoughts on “An Escape

  1. You are quite right…such “perfection” doesn’t exist on earth. But it doesn’t have to exist only within the confines of your mind. Try looking at “” It may very well help you in finding answers and comfort!

    Be curious and grow, but do it smartly!



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