Mama –Nana

Ama Ata Aidoo


Barbara Christian

Mamma –Mama Tsitsi I call upon you

Wash us wid African watas and remind us what to do

Is the “Englishness  you say mek dem figet Shona

Now  “Englishness”  and dem figet Patois

Hacksent pan ebbry ting, yuh daughtas lose dem mind

Nobody wah look like “LUCIA”  even similar to your kind

An wid all di book learning-dem figet fe plant corn

So in New Kingston, pan back road dem eat outa “BABA’S” hand

I cah find “NYASHA” –she has been ‘silent’ since then

Aiwa-woo Tsiti- you need fe come talk to dem again

The fight you fight mama shall not be in vain

For ‘Jamericans’ Indians , Pakistan ‘women’ shall all seek to gain-

Truth- identity– that we are one

Not defined by ‘society’ or betta yet;  A man

Not a curly hair, nor locks, nor an extra pound should set us apart

For only one color blood set di rhythm in our hearts

So we beat it- against di cake soap, against di size small clothes,-

– against di false nails and extra pointed toes,

We beat it against di long hair dem wah  fi rest pan we back

We beat I like how dem beat d Kongo drum “KNOCK KNOCK!”


WHO’S there –a group of women taking di baton from “mama’s” past

Yuh daughtas beat di drum , all  inna Carolyn Cooper’s ‘African Diaspora’ class



~~~This piece is really about some great novels I read while studying African Diaspora-Women’s Narrative a course taught by Dr Carolyn Cooper at the University of the West Indies, Mona. It talks about how women have created a voice for themselves through writing. This is one of my many inspirations


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