The Way You Say It

It’s the one body

Its just one name

But somehow you don’t call it the same

Everyone calls me on a regular basis

But when you do I can’t resist

The way my name rolls off your tongue

It seduces me

It’s like a love song

It’s even better with the complements of your eyes

And as you stare at me, you give me that smile


Here comes my favorite part,

When you wrap your arms around my body

And with the music between us, you dance with me

I feel your cheeks as it brushes mine

And you kiss my weak spots one at a time

Then your words flow from your lips

And at the end of every joke we both kiss

The package with you is hard to resist

It’s compelling just the way you say it




6 thoughts on “The Way You Say It

  1. loooool about an encounter i had with a special young lady i met sometime ago we had this kinda connect the first time we met 🙂 up to this day i remember that day we met


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