A Fool Who Fell

Last night I saw myself standing in front of you

Shouting…crying… threatening to punch a hole in your face

Saying the same lines I had said some months ago to a different cast

“How could you expect me?-

To function throughout the day,

When in every direction,

You stand at some point in my way”.


I ask myself,-

Am I stupid to have chosen you?

But I take comfort in knowing

Lovers are usually fools


But I guess its just like Tom fools when the attractive person preys on the victim

And like a fool in love ..we submit

We always fall for the odd ones,

The ones that everyone despise,

At the end it’s either as predicted,

Or a hopeful surprise.

At the end of the day it is a risk I guess, one I think I’ve taken too much

Because in my love story, there is no Prince

It’s just another April fools.


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