I have nothing left to give

Everything is broken’

All the games I have lost

and now every part of me feels like I am melting

Feeling like nothing is left of me

It feels harder to breathe and the lines to my poem are soaked in tears

Vision blurred and so is my forever

What do I do with unconditional now?

You took everything with you

It hurts so bad than any other wound I have experienced

I cannot find the source of the pain…it hurts all over

It hurts even more when I try to smile or say the work “OK”

I have no heart beat..just an artificial stone made to replace where my heart was

before it left me

You left me

Now love has flat lined ——————————

I have no heartbeat

I’ve become so numb I can’t even feel my tears

but these droplets on my keyboard must mean I have been crying


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