An unknown vampire… I invited him in

His eyes wooed me, a man of many talents he must have read my mind because I wanted him even though I fought it …the urge to kiss him was too dominating… I looked the devil in the eyes

He stared at me knowing very well his finger tips made my body shiver, I reached to kiss him and he pulled away

..away he pulled with my hair in his hand ..commanding me to be still as he trespassed on



weak spot

I thought I hid

He know it all, where to kiss me, when to kiss me, when to tease me when to give me a lil taste

Just a little even though I hungered for more he wouldn’t let me have it

He needed to hear me beg and desperately I cried to be quenched of this thirst

“please”… don’t tease me…

A very cool night yet beads of perspiration ran down my back as I bit my lips with the vampire on top of me

I thought I felt pleasure but this is new, this was ecstasy … even as i write I till feel his breathe on my neck and I jump to the feeling of his bites near my lips

every part of me wanted to make love to a vampire

I tasted him and I like it



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