Good old Love

Love me without Facebook

Update me everyday by calling me and saying “I miss you”

Don’t poke me, come by my house just to see me even for five minutes

Don’t post a youtube link on my page…sing to me let me laugh at your fail attempt to hold a note

Don’t tell your friends to add me, introduce them instead

Don’t just like my pics, lay next to me in my bed

Love me like you don’t have a laptop or a mac or a tablet or any stupid gadget

How about memories?

Hold me tight from a high view overlooking the city lights

Play my favourite song and make me macaroni and cheese 🙂

No need for champagne, just a cold glass of milk

then kiss away my milk mustache

Make silly nick names after a pillow fight

Wrestle for the remote til we end up kissing

Say something stupid … get me mad … I walk away

You won’t let me go so you chase me in the rain anyway

Give me the Traditional love 


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