These feet of mine

I remember the day it happened

I could feel every movement inside me

It was as if my nerve endings connected to every breath I took 

I gasped for air as if I was drowning

I tried to make sense of it

How could an angel be so cruel?

Deceived by the smiles that once made my life make sense

Lied to by the lips I  drank happiness from

Hurt by the hands that made love to me

While you broke my heart, I still tried to love you with the little pieces

Everyday felt like another mountain to climb

Trying to continue as if my life is normal without you in it

And after all these years, the strongest parts of me have learnt to survive

But since that day you broke my heart, I never stopped running

from love, from anything that resembles happiness

As if I don’t deserve it, I know I do, I need it

I don’t run from the chance to be loved

I run … because this person may also be you


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