Perfectly love my imperfections

Crysi CubesI am the girl who is afraid of dogs because one nearly bit me once

A girl who cries in the middle of a romantic scene because I wish that is how the world was

A girl who will laugh like crazy and fall to the floor

I get moody, I am that girl who in the blink of an eye refuses to talk to anyone

Yesterday I was dancing but today I just want to be left alone… in the dark maybe

I love snacks, even wished cake and ice cream was a form of medication

I am the girl who writes poems because I feel only then do I really say what I mean

I am the girl who feels relaxed at a beautiful view

I get distracted when I see the lights from a distance on my way home

I day dream a lot, always having a fantasy

I love the idea of love and sharing it should be as easy as breathing

I am the girl who makes friends just by accidentally saying something ‘blond’ out loud

I am a handful I know, I am no where near perfect and that’s ok

Perfection is boring, repetitive, predictable

Everyday is a new day with me because I am learning as I live

and when this girl loves you, if she ever does… You’d wake up everyday feeling like your superman

All I ask in return is for you to accept this girl with her imperfections and her strange ways,

take all this and find a way to love her



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