Mr. Wrong?

Well I left it behind thinking I’d have just a week for myself
I know it’s bad for me, I can feel it
But the thirst weighs more than the risk
I am a slave to him
Walking in chains that not even he sees
Following commands when he speaks
and even though I know I can be strong, he makes me want to be weak
He has me wanting to change my wardrobe just to coordinate with his look
not just his choice of jerseys but the way his other half should
I know I can’t have him, maybe it is the wrong that makes me want him so bad
But i’m going to hell anyway right?
So why not love him with the little time I have?
Do I love him so much that i’d accept such wrath?
Sucks when you choose the wrong man to love as your other half
But how do you know when you are right anyway?
and who gave you the right to decide?
Don’t judge me… I love him.

For: Charlie

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