Long Distance

I seem to be losing track of time, dates even places since you left

Food is tasteless and memories are punishments

I wake up in sheets stained with your scent

I touch things you’ve touched, see places we’ve been

It hurts not having you next to me

I wake in the middle of the night to kiss you in your back or rub my hands across your cheeks

But you are not here

Now i hang on credits and free nights to hear your voice and that is just not enough

So i count down and write to Dear Diary because only that can understand how i really feel

Friends are temporary distractions but then i get home to an empty house with traces of nights we made love and the pain gets unbearable

But even with you miles away, my heart loves you throughout the storm of our long distance

The way I love you time nor distance can break such a bond

So i’ll continue to count the times and hours and days that separate us

Counting and loving you … until you come home to me



—–For Gerald


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