Day 11 (20/11/13)

Dear Diary


My hair is in the wind, my feet are up and my mind is relaxed

My eyes are closed and I am seeing his face, my mom’s face and some childhood memories of my friends

That last memory was very funny, so I open my eyes and see the blue sky painted with beautiful soft clouds and I smile

Taking a deep breathe of fresh air I can hear the water from a distance

Some cold air suddenly transcend and I cuddle with myself to feel a sense of warmth and it feels good

I am somewhere, somewhere in a place filled with nothing but happiness

I know it is day 11, but I have made myself “OK”

he doesn’t need to be here for me to know he loves me

neither does my mom

It is day 11 and I am thinking about the two people that means the most to me.


==Bright Eyes and my mom===



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