behind the shadows

Trembling hands, a rush of pulse not enough time to bite your nails

why me? why now? who is it? what is he going to do?

so many questions not enough time for answers

what will i do? plan a, plan b, which will i choose?

who says it is up to you?

so you wait… on him to attack first

sitting down panting but trying to keep a cool head, you hear him outside

rocking back and forth to feel a sense of control

This moment, when it is all up to you …

you could live another day and write a poem or this could be it!


but I am not “OK”

For victims who survived or unfortunately suffered from violent attacks, always remember


Woman Incorporated (Crisis Centre). Address: 18 Ripon Road, Kingston 5. Phone: (876) 929-9038. Fax: (876) 926-9418. Email: w.i.crisiscenter@cwjamiaca.

For the states hope this link helps:


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