Are you trying to remove Black with wipes?…

Yellow taped; told to sit in a corner, feeling like I don’t belong there

Looking for an escape or maybe a distraction from the memories of Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Malcom X, Nanny, Bustamante, Paul Bogle, Sam Sharpe, Norman Manley, Marcus Garvey. George William Gordon.

Thinking of ‘Roots‘ and creating strategic plans of running like Kunta Kinte

It isn’t much same or different in the 21st century is it? along some line of authority I am reminded of  my origins and some where sometimes submissively directed to stay within the lines of my family tree. As if my branches cannot be extended or my seed cannot be re-planted in that ‘upper’ soil? Are you saying my ancestors wasted sleepless nights carrying blue prints of their ambitions whipped in the deep creases of their black velvet skins?

That even now anyone looking like me are given parameters within which they are governed by rules of conduct…might I add your conduct?

Why are offices mirroring plantations? Why are bodies still sold after hours? Why are children still forced to work like adults? Why is the whip now called the belt? Unfair labour governed by contracts? Does this make it right?

Cry me a river will you? perhaps the Mississippi?

———————————–In honour of Jamaica’s Black History month & Upcoming Bob Marley’s birthday


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