All that “shimmers” isn’t gold

flip side to “Shimmering Finger”

The sun smiles down and it starts glistening reminding me of memories we once shared

then the rain falls and the storm lingers overhead looming for my soul reflection of what we would never have that we will never be

the sound of the wind blowing reminding me of the roller coaster of emotions you put me on

I sit and ponder was it worth being in love by you but then my thoughts go deeper was it us in love or was it me because looking back it feels like a situation of lovelorn and broken promises that you can never undo

because my heart is broken just like a mirror that shatters thus so my heart shattered for loss of what we could have had that will never be.

If we were in love why did you let us go? why is it so easy to say goodbye to what we had?

the tremendous love making the intense kissing and laughter and joy that we shared

in the midst of it all the question remains the same why?


This poem wasn’t written by me but my friend Kayla who recently went through a break up and in her happiness for my engagement she couldn’t forget the sadness of her break up with my best friend. So in respect to their love I am happy to share her story.  


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