Something to smile for

Maybe it’s a promotion

A new bike

A favorite meal

Something funny

Something silly

Something crazy

Your baby’s first word

or maybe his first fall

not all days will be perfect

you might lose someone

you might lose some money

you might have a day of hunger

maybe have a break up and a broken heart

They are all a part of the list,….LIST OF LIFE


But your strength is measured when you can have a bad day and know that tomorrow

or next week

or next year will be better-

and if that doesn’t work? remember that someone out there is maybe feeling the same-

or even worst

Remember the good days on the bad day

and finally…if you weren’t ALIVE you wouldn’t be having a day at all

at least smile for that

We all have something to smile about







1 DAY to go Ger 🙂 #anxious #happy #nervous


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