#International #Women’s #Day

Rosa Parks

Nanny of the Maroons

Dr. Louise Bennett-Ms Lou

Fae Ellington-Aunty Fae

Michelle Obama

Tessanne Chin

Gill Scott



“inserts every name of the all the women I admire for various reasons”

It is not just a name but a journey, for long women have written historical stories

Made footprints on a walk and currently we continue this walk, continuing where they stopped

Maybe you are not a President’s wife but you are a mother and just orientating your child in becoming a worth while citizen is just as heroic as any journey on a slave ship

My ancestors were whipped so that I could write blogs about poetry

Even now some women in the world are still in the dark ages

Some are restricted based on their customs and beliefs

But here I tweet, facebook, intagram

Expectations placed on us to bring children, be a lady, cook the dinner, be independent, be submissive …its all confusing because the list is long

So I say forget the list written by society!

Disregard the definition of what ‘they’ think a woman should be and just be YOU

because at the end of the day, people only treat you the way you allow them.


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