Your puppet writer

Taking a step back to review your title

Carefully looking at your cover picture

Trying to learn your characters

Skipping the page to begin reading your story…

You think no one cares about you but you are wrong

Even I do, me, the person who stars her own autobiography in Jamaica

I might not know your name but maybe a poem on love, heartbreak, friendship or some random thing I’ve written in the past has moved you somehow, maybe made you smile

I don’t need to know your name to write your story, or maybe just a summary of

Somewhere in the world, someone has experienced all you have or maybe even more

Life throws you the same script just different castes

It is your duty to either play the story with an already predicted ending or maybe you could be innovative and give us a twisted ending

What ever you decide, it is your story

As a poet somewhere in the world who doesn’t know your name-

I can share mine with you and maybe indirectly become your puppet writer


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