Life has presented me with buffet styles

Love instigates fights that I lose so many times

Times you want to run away don’t you or in my case huddle in a dark corner somewhere

But something holds on somehow in my subconscious


Smiles present but sometimes its as if I have been programmed to smile

Expected to be nice so I forget the pain or maybe just pretend I do

But every now and again there comes the harsh reality that kicks me off me feet when I am alone-

and it reminds me of just that, that I am alone

Somehow I happen to be alone even with everyone around

Is it that something is missing?-

is it that the person that should be there isn’t there?-

or is it that maybe I am not where I am supposed to be?





Those lines aren’t typos but I just really want to put on paper what my mind has


Sorry I did it again, my mind goes blank when I try to explain what I am feeling

Dear reader please excuse my silence




But in some weird messed up way, dear reader I think you know exactly what I am trying to say.




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