Images in my mind before I sleep

I’d like to start by closing my eyes

Wet, but not too wet

Just enough to moisten mine and I moisten yours

Interlocking yours with mine so tightly we have to breathe through our nostrils

Accompanied by my hands on your cheeks, travelling to your neck just about gripping your breasts

All the while swaying heads from side to side making those movie noises with scenes nominated for Oscars

Be my best supporting actress and People’s best kiss

opening other doors by putting my hands under your skirt, gripping rear ends and all the while still focused on piercing my lips

Eyes closed shut but you cheat to see if I am enjoying it

stumbling until my back rests on the wall so that this scene can rest upon something hard enough to remind this scene is real

dangerously involved, knocking over what’s on table tops until I feel something suitable to lay you down on

stealing touches from all over like I was banned all this time from touching you

I’ll make the most of it, this, this chance, this time.


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