To: you From: me

Looking for the most suitable phrase to say how much I love you

It has to be perfect!

“You are my prized possession, it’s like a pup burying his favourite bone

Almost like a mother’s first child or being rewarded with your first blue ribbon as a child

I have had many pretenders walk amongst my shores,

Embracing nature they say when in truth they were just mere fisher men seeking to rob me of my gold-

But not you, you have taken time to view my sunsets, interpret my art and formed images of me in your mind

You have taken time to form an opinion, an honest opinion

You have remembered me and I trust you always will

You have been my biggest fan, collected most of my pieces and have hung them high in your gallery

I’ve remembered to love myself through a reminder of your love for me

and should this blog be banned tomorrow, I’ll forever remain a writer in your eyes”

I’ll rip this sheet from my blog and crush it

Because I am still searching for a way to say how much I love you

It just has to be perfect!

For: Thromizzle


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