Natughty by nature: between those sheets

It’s mind boggling the way eyes roll over and that puzzled expression of pain vs. pleasure hits your face isn’t it? Run on sentences of sounds and sentence structures with gasping breaths and a tug of war with those sheets, sheets, funny, it could be metaphoric since these events are reported to have taken place in all sorts of places around the world, Passion or aggression, maybe both but its a work of art they say, you know how you get tongue tied and at no where else can you feel like you are about to pass out or maybe die but it feels great! It’s mind boggling isn’t it? the way you are suddenly religious shouting for a superior being in a desperate attempt to make it stop, but you and I know you never want this to end, it’s mind boggling but you will never share the secrets between those sheets. So you anticipate the next time you will gasp for air and roll those eyes over with a puzzled expression of pain vs. pleasure. You love it, you naughty lil monster you…


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