Life returns

I noticed some parts me were missing

Small pieces scattered in broken memories

Foolish me walking around chasing my tail

Walking in circles without realizing I needed to do a stock count

The first one migrated so I moved on thinking faith just wasn’t working in my favor

The next one I found among the tracks of  a broken heart, he had lied to me and I walked around with anger for anyone who looked like him

The third one? I found it in the pictures and emails I kept as though I forgot to take out the trash

My world had been over populated of the trash from my past with little pieces of me scattered in broken memories and tears shed decades ago

So now I am checking stock and collecting the pieces of me I left behind so many years ago

I can now let go of what might of, could have, should have been and make room for what is!

They nearly walked away with pieces of me,

but not another minute, I am taking out the trash!

for every one who has ever had a broken heart

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