whispered screams

I’ll paint you a picture of me,

not me seated here in silence but rather me screaming

A picture of me screaming at you telling you how I really feel

Some how while I was sleeping it seems life created a world where the culture is to accept & conform otherwise you shall starve


  • Definition hunger, neglect, discrimination, injustice, unemployment, homelessness

So I’ll paint you a picture of myself, the true self screaming at this idiotic culture where authority is defined as the man making more money and this makes him eligible to shout at you, spit on you if he permits it, because as far as he is concerned he is an elephant and you are the grass that he tramples

I’ll paint an image of me who screams while I sit here silenced by your authority

There is no fairness in this world is there? only elephants and grass


How big is your BRAVE?




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