Perverted thoughts…

It’s one of those private conversations

Closed group kind of thing

See, I cannot let the others know I am telling you this,

but as a friend I think you need to have an idea of the pros and cons, do’s and don’ts

when dining

First thing is choosing the right utensils

Though in this case you could just consider it as a finger food

Next steps get your napkin, you know how food leaves crumbs behind or juice can get over cheeks or nose

Take your time to eat…slowly, enjoy your meal for as long as you choose

Don’t rush to chew, there are other ways

Dine in fine style, don’t let your neighbor hear you eat, try to close your mouth

or keep it as open as you need to ….

As long as the food isn’t ‘touched’ you should be fine…right?



for: @walkingbeefpatty




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