Collision of Pride

Carved from the same clay

But uniquely fashioned

Not everyone likes to see two of the same things together

But I do

Not many have felt the difference between the two
But I have

So even though it has been designed from the same canvas

It’s a separate work of art

and when they collide…the unison is like magic, music, a gallery of the best designs ever created.


For: Pride celebrations


2 thoughts on “Collision of Pride

  1. North plus north
    Fusion of two positives
    My raw primal lust and energy
    Receiving everything she gives

    The intensity is high
    Venus and the Moon weeps,
    Tears of Joy,
    Water to wash my her feet

    No need for the Sun,
    She keeps me warm
    Sparks of fire, she whispers against my lips,
    I will not conform

    beautiful and taunt, her domes summon me
    Her V plus my V, a triangular tabernacle for me to rejoice
    Her waves wash over me
    Soft, tender, then she’s gone
    I’m empty.


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