My box of CRAYONS

A box of crayons so I can colour the world as I see it

Maybe I will colour the trees purple instead of green,

The sky pink instead of blue-

For the life of me I think water should have a colour…mmm maybe aqua?

I wonder if God had a box of crayons when he painted this world?

Looking back would he have coloured me BLACK? if he knew colouring you WHITE would cause a war?

What about the LATINOS? what colour would he have used if he knew all the conflicts and disunity it would cause

Or maybe he saw it the way I do…seeing a box of crayons and thinking how BEAUTIFUL they look TOGETHER…

RED, BLACK, WHITE, PURPLE, PINK, GREEN, then we mix them and made a COLOUR WHEEL

If we can see the RAINBOW as beautiful with all its colours…why then do we have RACISM?

for the life of me…I just love my box of CRAYONS!


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