Wah you know bout pressure?

Wah you know bout presha?

White squall tek ova yuh mouth like toothpaste

Fe get a likkle wuk come een’ like a rat race

Wah you know bout presha? Up inna yuh resorts an’ hotel suites

Wah you know bout walkin in d one shoes n watch it bruk off likkle likkle, piece by piece?

Yuh eva affe carry wata yet? wrap piece a claat pan yuh head fe rest di bucket pan?

Yuh eva affe use di hardcover book ova di coal stove an’ fan?

Gas, light, wata is precious sumin

Nuff a we cyah afford none!

Wah you know bout climbing mango tree fe dinner an’ people dog a run we dung

Wah you know presha?

Fe stand up an’ look inna yuh pickney dem eye fe an’ hear dem tell yuh say dem hungry

Yuh think a dat hot? Mek yuh know inna heart yuh nuh have nuttin fe gi dem!

Dis a di cycle fe smaddy weh poor, not less fortunate…me mean poor!

Poor mean me nuh have it!… it nuh mean we nuh have enough..it mean di pot empty!

Cupboard have cobweb!

Don’t come pretend like yuh know bout presha! Jus’ because yuh need me fe pretty up me finga wid INK

Wah yuh know bout presha! Wah yuh know bout me!

Mine yuh bruk yuh foot! How yuh fe wear heels come a bush?

Me cyah lift yuh up so yuh try nobadda drop cause from bout 3 years me a suffa wid a bad back

Take sumin for it? Me tell yuh say me cyah feed me pickney dem an’ me fe tek money spend p-an me back?

Me nuh lucky like unu enuh fe “find money” me still a search fe dat deh tree

Me yet fe find smaddy up inna di great house weh look like me…

Not di colour…but me STORY

Cause only den can unu really help poor people

When unu really undastan bout presha!

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