“Shades of me”-An Alafia Dally piece



They live while she exist.

Colours dance across the plains, its beauty taken for granted.

Laughter and joy surrounds her-

Yet a smile she can never truly procure.

Living vicariously through the emotions of others, she is left bereft of all feelings of happiness.

No one notices the emptiness in her eyes and the sadness that cloaks her.

Her world is only black and white.

The exquisite torture of knowing she is never alone, but always lonely.

A broken shell of a woman imitating a full life.

They all look but none see.

In her world roses aren’t red, trees aren’t green, they’re withered and dead, killed by the pain of knowing that she will never live to be alive.

The intricacies of her black and white existence are left untold, for to survive, appearances must be kept.

This piece was done by Alafia Dally, she will officially begin her own blog with her pieces, looking out for her 


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